Marihiko Hara 《Wind Eye 1968》
  • Installation


Jun 14, 2019

Marihiko Hara《Wind Eye 1968》| KYOTOGRAPHIE Associated Program
(4.0ch Sound, Slide-Projection, Video Projection)

Sound and visual installation by musician Marihiko Hara inspired photos of his late grandmother’ s travels to the West.

Place: Bang & Olufsen Kyoto Pop-up Store
13 April – 30 May
11:00—19:00|Closed: Wednesdays (except for 5/1)
presented by Bang & Olufsen

Photography: Etsuko Hara(1912-2005)
Music: Marihiko Hara
Concept Adviser: Rurihiko Hara


In 1968, my grandmother accompanied her doctor hus- band on what was to be her first and last trip abroad, a round-the-world tour to Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Moscow, Geneva, New York and Hawaii. I remember her projecting the films she took of each place on the living room wall. As a child, it was my first close-up experience of “the world in color.” Then after that, until she died at 93, I never once saw her take a photo. Half a century on since that trip, her grandson has become a musician who records sounds of the world for his compositions. My grandmother never knew about my musical efforts while she was alive, but here I’ ve created an audiovisual mix of two travels.
The limited footage my grandmother left me offers a small window on the world of 1968. As if catching a few precious drops of water in my hand, I now let my imagination roam within these glimpses of a world.

Marihiko Hara