Piano Concert《FOR A SILENT SPACE – 2018 Tokyo》

Jun 2018

Piano Concert 《FOR A SILENT SPACE – 2018 Kyoto》

Jan 2018

Marihiko Hara Aggressive Live Set 2017

Nov 2017


Jul 2017

Marihiko Hara Piano Concert《 In front of the huge installation with wondrous images of Chauvet Cave》2017 Kyoto

May 2017

ホンマタカシ ニュードキュメンタリー映画《最初にカケスがやってくる》

Apr 2017

Chamber Music《FOR A SILENT SPACE 2014》

Jun 2014

Ryuichi Sakamoto x Marihiko Hara 《Improvised Studio Session》

Jan 2014