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Jul 2017

Piano Concert《FOR A SILENT SPACE – 2018 Tokyo》

Jun 2018

Piano Concert 《FOR A SILENT SPACE – 2018 Kyoto》

Jan 2018

ホンマタカシ ニュードキュメンタリー映画《最初にカケスがやってくる》

Apr 2017

Marihiko Hara Piano Concert《 In front of the huge installation with wondrous images of Chauvet Cave》2017 Kyoto

May 2017

Chamber Music《FOR A SILENT SPACE 2014》

Jun 2014

Marihiko Hara Aggressive Live Set 2017

Nov 2017

Ryuichi Sakamoto x Marihiko Hara 《Improvised Studio Session》

Jan 2014