We are pleased to announce the preview of the documentary film 《BEING》(Directed by Moe Wada /Soundtrack by Marihiko Hara)



2021.02.23 Sibuya Eurolive

2021.02.27 -2021.03.05 Shimokitazawa Tollywood

2021.03.06 -2021.03.13 Zushi CINEMA AMIGO

More Info:https://m.facebook.com/dearukoto.being


Momoko Nishiyama, who is a certified intimacy coordinator (a coordinator who specializes in sex and nude scenes for movies, dramas and TV shows), a qualification that is not yet widely known in Japan, will talk to 10 people in this film.


◆ Documentary Film《BEING》

Until now, the world we have lived in has been divided only between men and women, and in Japan, I feel that this awareness is still strong. And in Japan, I feel that this consciousness is still very much alive. However, I feel that this diversity is becoming more and more commonplace in the world.

In recent years, we have heard a lot of talk about diversity in Japan as well. I wonder if people really understand what these words mean? I had a question. There are many different people, and that’s why there are different ways of living. I wanted to make a documentary that would give people the opportunity to learn about these different ways of life.

Ten days in August 2020, a total of ten people told us their own stories of “being” themselves. It was a very valuable, and I think this documentary is filled with the thoughts of each of these ten people.

In this country where stereotypes are still very strong, we want you to see, hear, and feel how each of them are living their lives in their own way. I think the film has been made for everyone who wants to know, who wants to let them know, and who should know.



・Sakiyo Abe(Actor、Narrator)

・Akari Ito(Chief Editor of The Asahi Shimbun Kagami-yo-Kagami)

・Hiroshi Ichikawa(Performer)

・Masako Kinkozan(Former Journalist)


・Anonymous(Office Worker)

・Kodo Nishimura(Buddhist Monk /Makeup Artist)

・Sexy DAVINCI(Mixed Entertainer)


・Amanda Blumenthal(President of the Intimacy Professional Association)*on Zoom